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Salmon with vegetables and Robust Romesco

Salmon with vegetables and Robust Romesco

Recipe provided by Roots at Heart as demonstrated at The Bend Farmers Market



Salmon Fillet

4 Turnips

2 Garlic Scapes

Mixed Greens (in this case we used Asian greens)

Robust Romesco 

Avocado Oil

Sea Salt & Black Pepper (or to taste)



1. Begin by cutting the turnips into small, even slices. Chop the Parsley: Finely

chop the parsley into thin slices. Slice the Garlic Scapes: Thinly slice the garlic

scapes to complete your vegetable prep.


2. Pour a generous amount of avocado oil into a large skillet. Set the skillet over

medium heat, allowing the oil to warm until it becomes more fluid and begins

to shimmer. Prepare the Salmon: You can choose to cook the salmon as a whole

filet or cut it into cubes for a different presentation. Cook the Salmon: Carefully

place the salmon into the heated oil. Cook until the outer side of the salmon

develops a beautiful golden color. Flip and Finish: Gently flip the salmon to the

other side and continue cooking until it also turns golden and is cooked to your

desired doneness.


3. In a separate skillet, pour in some avocado oil. Allow the oil to warm up over

medium heat until it shimmers. Once the oil is hot, add the sliced turnips and

garlic scapes. Sauté for about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally. After 2 minutes,

sprinkle in the sliced parsley. Sauté briefly until the parsley is just wilted.


4. Prepare the Plate: Begin by placing a generous layer of Asian greens or mixed

greens on the base of the plate. Layer the sautéed turnips and garlic scapes

with parsley over the greens. Place the pan-seared salmon on top of the

vegetables. For a finishing touch, drizzle with Robust Romesco.

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